Avoid These Pitfalls at All Costs!

College provides all sorts of distractions. It's the first time you are really on your own, and the freedom you have can be either exhilarating or frightening. Some take on their new freedoms without an moderation. I remember my freshman year at Loyola with so many students with so much promise, squander their opportunities because they couldn't effectively balance partying, alcohol and other drugs with their studies. Here's a secret: colleges anticipate that a certain percentage of new students will drop out before graduation. They really don't mind this, because whether they finish or not, they got the money.

Your goal should be two-fold. You absolutely MUST balance your studies with strategic social activities that move you closer to your long-term goals. There will be all sorts of distractions competing for your attention, but you absolutely MUST NOT be tempted to stray so far off that you've forgot the point of this experience.

In this video, I discuss some of the ways people and groups may compete for your attention--everything from guys who are allergic to condoms to churches that gather in hotels and demand you spend your every free moment in some service, bible study or phone meeting.

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